Yokohama drama puts integrated resorts hopes in doubt

| By contenteditor

Four prefectures have been competing for one of Japan’s three integrated resorts licences, but the long-running process appears to be facing more and more hurdles.

In recent weeks Yokohama’s hopes of hosting one of the three may have receded, with none of its mayoral candidates supporting the project. 

Toru Mihara, chair of the National Council on Gaming Legislation, Japan IR Association representative director Ayako Nakayama and Brendan Bussmann of Global Market Advisors discuss how the pandemic has affected the IR process, and the latest twists in the tale. 

Even for the city that is arguably further ahead than its competitors, the future is unclear. Mihara points out that while Wakayama may have selected an IR partner, the sustainability of this project may be in doubt.

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