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Get year-round exposure to our global community of gaming execs

As we’re planning to roll out lots of digital content in 2021, alongside our ICE 365 proposition, there will be lots of opportunities for startups to gain exposure across a variety of formats, whether competitions, panel discussions, Q&A features, or pitch sessions.
If you are a startup and fulfill our criteria, please get in touch!

How to apply

You just need to fill out the application form and send over a 2-minute video to pitchice@clariongaming.com.

Pitch Rules

It’s ok to break the rules. That’s what entrepreneurship is about. Just so long as you don’t break more than two of them.  

Technology Focus

Startups with a clear technology innovation or innovative technology application will be prioritised. You must be able to demonstrate how your technological innovation has the potential to disrupt the industry. 

Ready to deploy capital

It is preferable but not required that the company or project must not have raised a large amount of money from institutional investors (small amounts from friends, family and mentors are ok, but the keyword is ‘small’). Also, this is not a forum for established companies seeking later-stage capital or strategic exits (this rule cannot be broken!).

Scalable Solution

We are looking for entrepreneurs with a unique perspective that are looking to take a scalable business solution to the next level. 

More than just a concept

We are looking for companies that are beyond just the ‘concept phase’. There must be a demonstrable product and we will heavily favour those able to bring a technical as well as a commercial team member to show the company is built on solid technology. 

Pitch is for new companies & entrepreneurs to gain attention & investment

it is not for established companies to launch new products or even divisions (this rule cannot be broken!).

English Speaking

While we are looking for solutions and businesses that span the globe, Pitch is an English speaking event, hence English proficiency is required.

‘Early Stage’ Only

We are looking for early-stage companies.  Ideally, we are looking at those at the prototype stage or who’ve launched in the last few months, and so haven’t gained significant media/investment attention and also are not at the idea concept! Publicly traded or large, well-known private companies are not eligible (this rule cannot be broken!). 

Totally Committed

The fewer existing commitments you have, and the more you can do to prove you are determined to execute the better.

Pitch Video to be prepared & uploaded to YouTube

so we can promote your pitch prior to the event (this rule cannot be broken). Please note the video you submit will be published, should you get longlisted. By sending the Youtube link to your video, you are giving us permission to publish it on the ICE Tech Futures website. 


Pitch ICE
  • Sports Betting
  • Game Content
  • Compliance, onboarding and Responsible Gambling
  • Payments
  • eSports
  • Land-based gaming
  • New/emerging markets
  • Marketing excellence
  • New Technologies

There will be many more opportunities for startups to gain exposure throughCompetitions

Have you filled in the form already? Please send your application along with a 2 minutes video pitch (YouTube link) to pitchice@clariongaming.com.