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Gaming payments have evolved massively from days of unreliable technology and chargebacks, but are they really user-friendly? Find out how ICE offers delegates access to the best of breed providers.

These days, if you want to buy a product – a video game, some dog toys, or even groceries – you can pull up the item, add it to a shopping cart, and buy it all from the comfort and convenience of your smartphone. 

However, if you want to add money to an online casino account to do some gambling, you have to jump through various hoops and enter all kinds of information. Even worse, if you’re trying to bet at different sites or locations, you have to go through the whole process again and again.

Why is it that consumer goods can be purchased and delivered with the touch of a button, but you basically have to go through the hassle of buying a car to gamble at a casino? This is the question many players ask, and it’s up to casino operators to answer it. Fortunately, the industry is nothing if not adaptable, and leaders like Christopher Justice, president of Global Payments Gaming and member of the American Gaming Association, are trying to streamline this process, especially with mobile payments.

That said, because this problem is industry-wide and is often exacerbated by legal hurdles and jurisdictional obstacles, overcoming these challenges won’t happen overnight. Fortunately, gaming conventions and events like ICE, the world’s flagship exhibition and education program, are the perfect opportunity for leaders and new innovators to come together to workshop effective and long-term solutions.

Putting Payments Problems on ICE

In preparation for ICE London, Clarion Gaming organised events such as Ampersand, which utilised the Open Space format instead of a traditional conference itinerary. So, rather than hosting panels and letting the “experts” drive the discussion, the event will engage industry professionals and leaders by encouraging open discussions about topics affecting individuals and brands within the industry.

According to Ewa Bakun, Head of Insight and Industry Engagement at Clarion Gaming, this setup is more of an “‘un-conference’ format, in which participants build the agenda at the start of the meeting and then discuss in a series of free-flowing conversations throughout the day without speakers or moderators”.

Over 200 industry professionals have taken part in Ampersand events, and ICE London offers the opportunity to see how these learnings have been applied to the industry’s leading trade show and conference. Click here to find out more.

Another highlight of the event will be Pitch ICE, where up-and-coming gaming entrepreneurs will be able to showcase their brands and bring fresh ideas and innovations into the gaming and payments sectors. This kind of event allows these ideas to flourish and take shape, whereas a traditional convention may not foster that kind of open-ended discussion.

Discovering Solutions With the ICE Vox Education Programme

If the gaming industry wants to incorporate a smoother payment process for players in both digital and physical spaces, it has to adapt quickly to keep up with demand and a changing marketplace. Companies will have to innovate as efficiently as possible, meaning they need to understand the challenges and the potential solutions to them.

That’s where events like the ICE Vox conference come in. While Ampersand is focused on open discussions, the Education Programme is designed to be a bit more organised, without feeling like a formal lecture.

It’s the perfect opportunity to learn more about digital payments and how casinos can thrive in the future. You can sign up for the ICE Vox event here or find out more information before RSVPing.

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