Is US igaming poised for a breakthrough year in 2023?

| By iGB Editorial Team
Online casino is a major revenue driver in Europe, but it has yet to spread across the US. At ICE London, you’ll find out how the industry plans to push it forward in the year ahead.
Is US igaming poised for a breakthrough year in 2023?

Online gaming is expanding rapidly around the world. A big reason for that is the fact that it’s much easier to build and operate an online casino or sports betting hub than it is to overcome the challenges of opening a new casino in a country or state.

Case in point is the fact that the US struck down a prohibition on sports betting in 2018, resulting in over 30 states offering legal betting by 2023. Could new iGaming regulations be poised to follow suit? Currently, online gaming is only legal in six US states, but that could all change in 2023. Realistically, the path toward igaming legalisation could follow the same trajectory as betting – state by state until there are enough calls for change for national reforms.

Gathering Insight Into igaming

The igaming industry has experienced steady growth over the years, leading some to call it one of the most successful gambling products in history. One such herald is Howard Glaser, the global head of government affairs at Light & Wonder. He recently spoke about the past, present, and future of iGaming on the World Series of Politics podcast.

This podcast is an excellent window into the online gaming sector, and both operators and gambling enthusiasts can learn a lot from the show. If you’re interested in listening to past episodes to discover more about the world of igaming, subscribe to the podcast here.

iGaming and security concerns

One of the most significant challenges facing this industry (behind compliance) is player safety. Operators have to ensure that something designed as entertainment stays fun and doesn’t result in overspending or even addiction.

Building a protective framework for the consumer takes time, but operators can learn the ins and outs of this process by attending ICE London 2023. One of the show’s most iconic features, the Consumer Protection Zone, is a gathering of operators, regulators, and suppliers to discuss the obstacles facing the industry and how to overcome them.

At this year’s event, the CPZ will be larger and more comprehensive than ever. As online gambling continues its steady march toward world domination, events like ICE will be crucial to ensure consistency and stability within the industry. Be sure to reserve your spot now so you don’t miss out on these discussions and Q&A panels.

This year, the two Consumer Protection Zone stands to visit are N1-510 and N1-220, but the entire arena is worth visiting and exploring during the event.

If you can’t make it to the CPZ (even if you’re attending ICE in person), you can check out a live feed through the ICE365 Live Studio at This feed will feature guest speakers and highlight all the top stories from the event as they unfold. If you are on-site, you can visit the studio at S9-110 and see what all the action is about.

Getting the most out of ICE London 2023

As well as ensuring players can gamble safely and sustainably, ICE London will also explore how the industry can become a more inclusive and welcoming environment for more people. This year, the Beyond DEI Seminar is a must-attend portion of the event, where these ideas will be explored in depth.

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