A new era for land-based casinos

| By iGB Editorial Team
In a digital world, millions still enjoy the experience that is only on offer in land-based casinos. As operators start to look for new growth opportunities, and how new products fit into their properties, ICE London provides access to the experts that can smooth this process.
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In modern times, it seems like all forms of entertainment are moving to digital spaces. Streaming content, esports, and social media sites are dominating everyone’s time, begging the question – are in-person entertainment venues still viable? 

The short answer is yes, but the more complex answer is that these venues have to adapt to a changing marketplace and accommodate newer demographics.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the casino industry. Thankfully, there is plenty of room to grow, and innovators within the space are already finding new ways to engage visitors at in-person locations. 

In 2023, Europe will become a new hotspot for gaming projects and development, thanks in large part to diminishing returns in Asia. Covid-19 restrictions and gaming crackdowns in the Far East leave Europe as the next best place for land-based casinos, with development projects like the long-gestating EuroVegas project coming to the forefront.

But developments of this scale don’t happen overnight, and there are still plenty of regulatory and jurisdictional hurdles to overcome. However, if any industry is adaptable, it’s gaming. And, with events like the International Casino Conference, industry professionals can come together to discuss and develop solutions for the modern age.

The ICC conference, part of the ICE VOX agenda, has been developed using the Ampersand event series.

This format uses a more open-ended concept, creating a fresh and unique feel to industry research. Both veterans and new industry leaders can come together to share ideas and turn them into actionable insights.

Blending E-Sports With Land-Based Gaming

One way the casino industry is adapting to a changing landscape is by recognizing that digital and physical entertainment options are not mutually exclusive. Yes, gamers can strap on a headset and play from the comfort of their home, but just because they can doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best option.

Although esports are entirely digital, they’re also incredibly social. Even when competing individually, players are interacting and engaging with each other in real time. 

There’s a reason why the esports industry has grown exponentially in the last few years, and that’s because it merges our primal need to be social animals with modern technology. So, if casinos can tap into this growth and create a physical space for players and spectators to gather, everyone wins.

Even better, features such as the ICE Esports Arena allow industry insiders to showcase the value of this opportunity and how casino operators can incorporate esports into their offerings. If you’re interested in seeing how these two formats can come together, ICE 2023 is coming up fast, and you can still register to experience the Esports Arena here.

Bringing Land-Based Gaming Into the 21st Century

While innovations like incorporating e-sports and casinos can help move the industry forward, there are many other challenges for casinos (both online and land-based) to overcome. With new markets emerging in Europe and beyond, operators have to be bold and dynamic with future developments and avoid utilizing the same-old offerings.

Like ICE 2023, the International Casino Conference is an excellent forum where land-based operators can discover the “next big thing” and learn more about how to engage modern players. As younger generations discover gambling, the industry has to accommodate their needs and preferences to be relevant and exciting for decades to come.The ICC precedes ICE 2023, and tickets are selling out fast. You can secure your Convention passes here and become part of the future of land-based gaming.

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