Optimising esports events: Oskar Fröberg, Abios

| By Marese O'Hagan

One of the most pervasive issues in esports gaming today is latency, a delay in data transference which can disrupt the online gaming experience for players.

Technology is quickly developing to address issues caused by latency, says Oskar Fröberg, founder and CEO at esports data company Abios. He says that leading technology providers are working to fix these issues- however, the problem has not yet been solved.

Outside of latency issues, new and exciting elements are being added to further the esports experience. Fröberg believes that Twitch has been a significant step forward, as it brought a new level of interactivity to players and esports fans.

While esports has grown in popularity and developed an avid following in the last few years, Fröberg has high hopes for further technological advancements in the future.

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