European casinos: Coping with a year of unprecedented disruption

| By iGB Editorial Team

Clarion Gaming’s managing director Stuart Hunter is joined by European Casino Association members Laurent Lassiaz of JOA Group and Tiina Siltanen of Veikkaus’ Casino Helsinki to discuss how they coped with 2020’s shut-down.

Both JOA Group’s French venues and Casino Helsinki have since reopened, and Lassiaz and Siltanen discuss how they worked to engage and motivate staff at a time when properties were shuttered. While keeping their companies alive was the core focus, they stress the importance of making sure their employees were engaged, informed and ready to return to work when possible. 

Amid the uncertainty caused by the shut-down, the pandemic did give them the opportunity to rethink and revise strategies, testing new initiatives in a way that would have been impossible when they were also recognising customers.

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