Debate: casino recovery and its financial impact in Latin America

| By Daniel O'Boyle

In both Mexico and Colombia, operators have had to rethink the land-based business as it emerges from its biggest challenge yet, suffering the financial impact of the casino closures in these jurisdictions and elsewhere in Latin America.

In Colombia, the economic crisis allowed the industry to reinforce its position in the national economy but reopening with limited capacity means less revenue heading straight to Colombia’s health sector. Figures suggest a 70% recovery of land-based casino and exponential growth of online.

Mexico operates gaming in 29 of its 32 states with 170.000 families depending on the revenue from gaming. Similar to Colombia, 98% of the establishments reopened with limited capacity and 60% of the jobs recovered, but lower revenues bring limited taxes.

Latin America has now to live with the two realities of land-based and online in order to recover jobs, taxes and investment.


Evert Montero Cadenas, Presidente, Fecoljuegos – Colombia

Miguel Angel Ochoa, Presidente, AIEJA – Mexico

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