Consumer protection showcase: Adele Farrell, Rank Group

| By Robin Harrison

Adele Farrell joined Rank Group earlier this year, and was pleasantly surprised by the strength of the business’ commitment to safer gambling. She points out that consumer protection is embedded in its core values, as a key part of the business’ culture.

This is a vast jump from 2015, when she started in the industry. Back then, she explains, there was no such thing as a responsible gambling manager.

Operators didn’t have focused teams, with safer gambling handled by customer service. Now, however, Rank – and the industry – are determined to give customers the safest possible experience.

To enhance Rank’s safeguards, it has launched a real-time monitoring desk, Hawkeye, to better track online behaviour. High velocity play was also identified as an area of concern, prompting the business to step up its focus on addressing the issue.

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