The boom of esports in Latin America

| By iGB Editorial Team

Eports became a phenomenon in Latin America and is the fastest-growing region in
the global esports market.

eSports Journal, GGtech, KRU and Isurus share their experience as it transitions into a mature industry.

A solid esports ecosystem depends on many factors. While the sector may have lacked structure ten years ago, today, esports organisations, publishers, brands, leagues and teams work as one, nourishing the foundation for the product.

The arrival of investors, international managers and major leagues, the shift online bringing new ways of knowing and reaching the fanbase and the private sector investing strongly in the region are all factors that contributed to esports becoming a profitable and ever-growing industry in Latin America.

GGtech sees the union between esports and gaming as inevitable, it’s an example of how we can incorporate companies in need of content that are able to multiply it and branch it into as many spaces and platforms as possible.

KRU has worked with the betting and gaming world for several years, while Isurus/BetUs’ recent partnership debuted at the tournament blast Premier League in Europe and proved that esports can bring audiences similar to the NBA and a whole a new spectrum of consumer types.

Moderator: Pablo Monti, e-Sports Manager, Latam Media Group y gerente proyectos. QLASH
Facundo Calabró, CEO, Isurus Gaming
Juan Squetino, Director Desarrollo de Negocios, GGTech
Fabian Minotto, Director Eventos, KRU/Vanquish

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